Sharon’s Scrapbook


I’m a Christian, first and foremost. It is the first description I can give of myself. Next I was blessed with a wonderful family. I had wonderful parents and we were raised in a Christian family with lots of love. I have 2 younger sisters and their children are like my own. Now they have grown up and have children of their own and they are like our grandchildren. My father was a TVA Engineer when I was born and we lived all over Tennessee my first 8 yrs of life but then we moved to upstate SC and have been here ever since. One of my interests is genealogy and I’ve been blessed that both my husband’s family and my family have lived around us within a 300 mile radius for hundreds of years which makes it easier. My husband and I have been married for over 45 years. He still works but is close to retirement. I’m disabled. I spend a lot of time on my interests and I use my blog to document my projects much like a scrapbook.

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